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Veni Shanmugam

Excellent In numerology , Dr Satish Kumar is very good In astrology also which is an added advantage. His predictions are very close and comes real more than 70%. His suggestions viz the parigaram works out well.

C Sivasankari

He gave very simple & good remedies for our family's suffering. We are happy since we met him. We always take his guidance before taking any decision in our live...

Shanmugam Sankaranarayanan

Dr Satish Kumar is exceptionally good in numerology and in astrology as well. A rare combination. He predicts well and very close. His suggestions to over come difficult period (known as the parigaram) are good and works well.

R. Raja

good service in given that numerology and vaasthu in trichy .is great in numerology astrology work in trichy .astrology in trichy

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